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Google Assistant (iOS, Android) gives its users the ability to get through their daily tasks more efficiently, especially with its hands-free voice commands. Google is now rolling out a new update for the app over the next few weeks making Google Assistant more visual. In its blog, the company said that making touch and voice work together will enhance the Assistant experience.

"The new design combines the best of text and talk on your phone, giving you the relevant information right when you need it," Google said.

Now, when you ask Google Assistant a question, the app will generate images, sliders, and buttons to get your search results faster.

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Google Assistant's update includes bigger visuals that are easy to see at a glance.

The app gives you better ways to manage your smart home devices with new controls and sliders. Dials in the app can adjust the brightness of your lights or the volume of your speakers.

Assistant also includes an improved interactive messaging interface that allows quick edits while composing a message, like adding a comma with your finger or changing a word.

On Android, it's easier to access an overview of your day. When you open Assistant, swipe up on your screen to get information pertinent to the time of day and your recent Assistant interactions.

Assistant made updates to brands and services on the app too. Starbucks added Google Sign-In and lets users access their Starbucks Rewards. The company also includes thumbnails to select from the menu's recommended items.

Food Network displays larger images of recipes. FitStar uses GIFs to preview a workout.

Developers also get a few features in the Assistant makeover like being able to build their own visual Assistant experiences, or "rich responses."

In Assistant Actions, developers could already sell physical goods, but in the update they can now sell digital goods. Assistant now allows for a one-time purchase of a new level in a game or recurring subscriptions. The Headspace therapy app, for example, lets you sign up for a subscription from Assistant.

Google's recent updates have been mostly user-focused. Last month when Google Search turned 20 years-old, it received a more visual redesign. Most recently, Google added a Voice Access app (Android) that lets you control your smartphone completely hands-free.

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  1. Google Assistant has enhanced the user experience by further integrating touch and voice in a new update.
  2. In the redesign, users can search more visually with larger images, dials to manage smart home devices, an interactive messenger interface, and easier access to an overview of your day.

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