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All Gmail users will finally be able to view multiple accounts through one inbox now that Google has brought support for the feature to iOS devices. Android users have been able to see emails from a variety of accounts in their central Gmail inbox since March 2015.

"These days, many of us have more than one email address. If you're a student, you may have one account for school, one for a campus group you lead, and one for your blog. If you're a parent, you might have one for family and one for your business," software engineer Régis Décamps wrote in 2015.

"However many email addresses you have, today's improvements to the Gmail app for Android make it easy to manage all your mail from all your accounts (yes, even @yahoo and @outlook) while you're on the go."

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iOS users won't have to switch between accounts anymore now that Google has made the change. The feature works with "your work or personal, G Suite or non-G Suite (even third-party IMAP accounts), in the Gmail iOS app," according to the Google announcement.

"To see emails from different accounts at one time, simply select the "All Inboxes" view from the left-hand side drawer. This will show all your emails in a single list, but don't worry -- no emails will be shared between your accounts," Google wrote in a blog post yesterday.

The feature will roll out to all iOS users in the next 15 days and comes amid a bunch of larger changes to Gmail. Earlier this year Google unveiled an updated version of the Gmail app and web version, releasing a sleek, pared down platform.

With the update, users will be able to view messages from their Yahoo or Outlook accounts in neat little stacks like their regular Gmail accounts. You will also be able to harness Google's powerful search function to look through all of your email accounts and get helpful suggestions right in the search box.

Google is still making improvements to its iOS app, and the company recently announced that it will be adding an AI-powered feature to the app that would prioritize and notify you when it deems an email "high-priority."

"We hope these updates make it a little bit easier to manage mail from all your accounts (Gmail or otherwise!)," Décamps wrote.

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  1. Users of the Gmail app on iOS devices will now be able to view emails from multiple accounts through their Gmail account.
  2. The feature has been available for Android users for more than three years.

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