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Freelance writing is all about the hustle. Get ideas together to pitch to editors, cover events, meet a word count, make endless edits, and hope that the meager check (depending on when you get it) makes ends meet.

Setapp's GigEconomy app is a tool for freelancers to manage time, finances, and set professional boundaries. The program is available for Mac OS Yosemite or later.

One of the perks is the program's ability to create professional PDF invoices for easy billing. The app can track how much time you spent on a client's project and generate the invoice.

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After you download GigEconomy it will live in your menu bar, to open the app click "Show GigEconomy." You can add a new client and save the information like the client's address, your hourly rate, project details, and more, for easier future use.

If you don't include extra expenses you might incur during a project, you can click "Add Expense" and specify the desired amount.

To start recording time on a project, click "Start Billing" in the app. Make sure to select the client you want if you have more than one. When your project wraps up, click "Stop Billing" and then "Create Invoice."

If you forget to turn on the tracker or you're working on a different device, there's an option to manually add time by clicking "Add Manual Time" before creating the final invoice.

The app will generate the invoice based on your previously specified rate. You can double-click to view the invoice details, convert it to a PDF, or add any additional details. Checking the "Paid" box completes the transaction.

To use GigEconomy, you need a Setapp subscription which runs about $10 per month. You can try the program out with a seven-day free trial.

With a Setapp subscription, you can get GigEconomy and take advantage of dozens of other productivity, computer maintenance, lifestyle, and finance apps.

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  1. Setapp's GigEconomy app is a tool for freelancers to manage time, finances, and set professional boundaries.
  2. Freelancers can set and adjust rates, create professional invoices, and manage multiple projects in one place.

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