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When it arrived in 1984, the original Ghostbusters was a rare beast. It had an unusual mix of horror, comedy, and family friendliness, and it was a big-budget summer blockbuster without the usual beefcake action movie stars of the time like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone.

Instead, the crew of Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8 were a bunch of lovable nerds, and some excellent screenwriting, direction, and good ol' fashioned acting propelled it to a global box office of about $715 million, after adjusting for inflation.

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It was a bonafide hit, and the franchise has been rolling ever since, in the form of comic books, Lego kits, Saturday morning cartoons, and the inevitable sequels and reboots. The latest salvo on your wallet is Ghostbusters World, which takes aim at Pokemon Go to a degree that may be of interest to Nintendo's legal department.

Different levels of proton packs operate similarly to the different pokeballs of Pokemon Go: The nicer your ball, the better creatures you can capture. Both pokeballs and proton packs require ammunition, which you can get a drip-feed of or buy with real money. There will also be a PvP (player versus player) mode, but details are currently sketchy.

Sony says that there will also be a story mode developed by the writers of the IDW comic books, and there's actually some precedent for that. The original cartoon series was known at the time for its surprisingly high-quality writing, which was accompanied by two comic book series of its own.

Google made its Maps programming interface available to developers in March, and this apparently will be some of the first fruits of that labor. Ghostbusters World is the creation of a Korean mobile game studio named 4:33 Creative Lab, under the auspices of Sony Pictures, which owns the Ghostbusters IP. 4:33 claims 130 employees on its website and was founded in 2009.

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This would be the first 4:33 game made for the North American market, though not it's first English-language release. The company made Blade: The Age of Blood for Australia in 2015, and the company is currently hiring for a product manager who is expected to be bilingual.

Ghostbusters World would be its first release anywhere in three years, after having released at least three titles a year from 2011 to 2015, peaking at nearly a dozen in 2014. It's unlikely that they've been working on Ghostbusters in secret the whole time, though, considering that the Google Maps API didn't become available until this year.


  1. A mobile game called Ghostbusters World is coming to Android and iOS this year, in the style of Pokemon Go.
  2. In addition to Pokemon's usual trappings, Ghostbusters World will also have a story mode penned by the writers of the comic book, and a PvP mode.

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