With the goal of creating an easy-to-use video-editing app that would let users create video for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social-media platforms, Adobe has just release Premiere Rush. The new lightweight video editor is Adobe's next step in accelerating the creative experience with a dynamic link to Creative Cloud by letting users create video across platforms.

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Here's my crash course in using Premiere Rush. Let's get started.

Cross-platform compatibility

Premiere Rush comes bundled with your Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (if you have the full suite), or you can purchase it for $7.99 per month as a standalone app subscription. The app is right now available for Windows, MacOS, and iOS platforms. The Android app is coming later in 2019, Adobe said.

For this crash course, I'll be using the Windows version running on various PCs.

Once you download the app from the Creative Cloud, fire it up.

(Credit: Adobe)

Build your video

Open the app, and you're presented with the option to create a new project or continue work on an existing project. Keep in mind that the user experience of Premiere Rush is based around touch compatibility, so instead of double-clicking items, single-click the items and menus as necessary. With that said, you can create a new project by selecting the "create a new project" button.

(Credit: Adobe)

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In my example I have previous projects I was working on as part of my testing of Premiere Rush, so do know that you're able to come back to an existing project later if necessary. Anyway, create your new project and browse to find the footage you'd like to work with. After you've added your footage, feel free to add a music track to give more energy to your video.

(Credit: Adobe)

Once the footage and music bed is imported, you can drop items into your project timeline for cutting and editing. The interface is pretty straight forward, and you can drag clips along your timeline work. And If you're creating a vertical video, you can rotate your footage by 90 degrees in the rotation menu to create great Instagram stories.

(Credit: Adobe)

You can trim clip lengths by dragging the first or end parts inward to shorten them. If you find you've trimmed the clip down too much, you can just drag the edge of the clip outwards to increase the clip length. If you'd like to cut a portion of your clip entirely, just press Ctrl+k or click the scissors icon on the bottom left to add a cut line and extract sections of the footage as needed.

(Credit: Adobe)

Color grading in Premiere Rush is easily done with presets or with the manual color controls found in the color panel on the upper right side of the app. To use the presets, just click one of the icons to see how it will affect your footage. If you're looking to manually dial in your color and exposure settings, select to edit with the different sliders under the color panel's "edit" menu. This gives you a little more control over the edit and color grading.

(Credit: Adobe)

Finishing touches

Now that you have your footage and music track in place, take some time to get your audio levels just right and add some motion graphics. With regards to motion graphics, adding them to your video is a simple as drag-and-drop. Just click the Title menu on the upper left. Drag the graphic onto the top of the video footage in your timeline. Play through the graphic to see how it looks with your footage. If it's too large, you can easily scale the graphic down to better suit your needs. You can add your own text and color scheme to most of the graphics templates. Just tailor it to fit your masterpiece.

(Credit: Adobe)

You can also use motion graphic templates you may have downloaded to your Creative Cloud library or local machine. As long as the graphics were authored in Premiere Pro and not After Effects, they're accessible in Premiere Rush. Again, just drag and drop and then modify to fit your footage.

(Credit: Adobe)

Audio editing is incredibly simple in Premiere Rush. Click the audio tab to process echo and background noise. These tools are useful if you have dialog in your video. The auto ducking feature is super helpful as the app uses machine learning to analyze when a music track is playing over a dialog track. When dialog begins while music is playing, the auto ducking feature knows to lower the volume of the music track. This only works if you've properly designated the tracks -- voice or music. Move the sliders to adjust how background noise is decreased. The over all music volume can be adjusted as well. It's all done with the sliders.

(Credit: Adobe)

Save and share

When exporting your video, you can save the video to your device locally or just upload it to YouTube or Facebook. Just click the share button on the upper left. Premiere Rush can help manage the bitrates and applicable formats needed for YouTube and Facebook. Just select the options you're needing. I just uploaded in HD format, because the social networks are going to compress the video if it's higher resolution. Granted, there's compression on HD uploads, but it's not as noticeable. The upload options are straight forward, allowing you to enter your login information as well as any titles, tags, and description information.

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At the time of version 1.0, Premiere Rush doesn't allow you to direct upload to Instagram. So if you're creating a video for that platform, you'll need to export the video locally and then transfer it to your mobile device.

(Credit: Adobe)

So that's your brief walk-through to get started with Premiere Rush. This application has the potential to be a great option for creators wanting to get started with creating great videos as well as giving the option to create these videos seamlessly across multiple devices. If you'd like to see Premiere Rush in action, check out my video walk-through on my YouTube channel.

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