On this week's episode of Tap That App, we take a look at GetGlue, a unique kind of social network that lets you "check in" to the movies and shows you're watching, books you're reading, games you're playing, and so on. Sort of like a Foursquare for entertainment, GetGlue takes your check-in data, your Likes, Favorites, and other Ratings, and uses them all to recommend other entertainment it thinks you'll enjoy. It even grants you collectible stickers--both virtual and physical--for all of your activity.

More than just a source of recommendations, though, GetGlue is a great place to chat about entertainment with others, be they personal friends or complete strangers who just happen to be watching the same shows or reading the same books as you. You can profess your love for characters, debate theories, and promote your favorite shows to other viewers. It's a fun and addictive app that should be perfect for staying on top of the upcoming fall TV lineup.

The GetGlue mobile app is available for download from both the Android Market and Apple's iTunes app store. You can also log in to GetGlue.com and start checking in via your desktop browser.