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Smartphones have made almost everyone a photographer. With the iPhone's portrait mode, quick pictures look professional. Photo editing apps like Snapseed and VSCO have given users the ability to enhance their selfies with dozens of filters and stickers.

The photo and video sharing app Instagram has shown us one thing about ourselves as users: we take our photos very seriously. From taking twenty pictures of one thing, to editing, to finding the right filter or sticker, and adding a clever caption before sharing it to all the platforms we're on-- it's an ordeal.

The new iOS and Android app, Unfold, is a free photo editing app that will set your Instagram posts apart. Simply by downloading the app, Unfold gives you access to 25 templates, 5 fonts, and high-quality export for sharing on other platforms. The app also offers 45 premium templates and advanced text tools.

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Refinery29's review said that Unfold has already amassed 3 million users since its January launch. Every day the app gains thousands more followers, who have generated almost 50 million stories in eight months. Unfold apparently spent no money on marketing, relying on the "Insta-elite" to rocket it to fame.

Creators Alfonso Cobo and Andy McCune came up with the idea for Unfold when Cobo couldn't find an app to design a photography portfolio the way he wanted. The pair thought of teaming up with Instagram later.

"We built Unfold for people like us who wanted to tell stories in a thoughtful and curated way, and we felt like we needed a more design-focused tool to support that," they told Evening Standard.

As more people start editing their images with Unfold, the risk of more user's photos looking the same increases, as with any editing app. Refinery29 calls the aesthetic of Unfold an "influencer look," which not everyone is drawn to. So even as the app draws more users, it maintains some uniqueness for those wanting to use it strictly for their portfolios.

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  1. Unfold is a free photo editing app that creates a minimalist, sleek look for your social media pics.
  2. The apps give users access to 25 templates, 5 fonts, and high-quality export with a simple download, no account registry required.

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