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You've installed Fortnite Mobile from Epic Games, played a few dozen Battle Royale games, and you've managed to get yourself to the point where you aren't getting smoked within the first minute of gameplay. The controls are approaching second-nature, you've got some kills under your belt and you're starting to do more building rather than just running and gunning; in short, you've learned the ropes. But how do you take your game up a notch to get up in the top 10 or 20 percent? Fear not, brave warrior, we're here to illuminate.

Let's get going! Tell me the best Fortnite pro tips!

There are lots of tips floating around out there for Fortnite players, but there are few key tidbits that will help the novice player take their game up a notch to compete with the elite in the game. Learning how to master these tips can take time, but if you put the effort into managing the following nuances of gameplay, you are likely to see your stock in Fortnite begin to trend upward.

Movin' to the groovin'

While the game requires you to always be moving to avoid the pending storm, it can be tempting to stay put to get a grip on your ammunition and building supply stocks. Unfortunately, a stationary target is much easier to hit from afar than a moving target, so never stand still for more than the few seconds it takes to harvest materials or organize your weaponry. As you continue to get used to the controls, everything speeds up, so practice makes perfect.

Use Fortnite vehicles

Those all-terrain golf carts you see parked around the Fortnite map serve a very real purpose. Yep, you can hop in and drive them. But when it comes to vehicles there's an upside and a downside. The upside is that you can move more quickly in a vehicle than just running around. In Dual or Squad games you can put your entire team on the cart and roll toward the safe zone together, with one person driving and the others looking for trouble as they enjoy the passing scenery. Early in the game there are advantages to using a cart to get from A to B, especially if you initially land in an outlying area far from the safe zone.

A team going for a ride in a souped-up golf cart.

However, when you're riding in a vehicle across the expanses of Fortnite you are a giant, obvious target. Be aware that highly skilled players can take advantage of the fact that you stand out when compared to individual players running around. Still, when your team (or just you) has a storm bearing down hard and there is a lot of ground to cover, a vehicle can be your only option.

Gather your Fornite resources early

While this seems like an obvious tip, gathering up a good chunk of resources early can leave you free to build, kill, and otherwise flourish in Fortnite. Aim for 250 of each of the three resources (wood, stone, and metal). With these in your pocket you can build without having to worry about replenishing when in a sticky situation. Even the most expensive wooden items -- like a roof -- only cost about 26 wood to build, so having 250 of everything gives you a good starting place.

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Of course, metal and stone don't come as easily, and you may prefer to build with wood since it's quicker (although it doesn't provide nearly as much defense). Feel free to alter your resource numbers according to your style. Certainly there are plenty of players that just stick to wood in the interests of saving time, since they're often building just to get somewhere rather than focusing on defense.

Stone buildings are a good source of stone, but rocks are better.

When it comes to harvesting stone, wood, or metal, try to stick to the items that yield the most resources when you start to smash. For stone, using your pickaxe on stone yields the most. For wood, the boxes and pallets that are in the large buildings usually give you the most bang for your buck. And for metal, find a factory with stacked pipes or coils of wire: These are often a great source of the shiny stuff. And of course, keep an eye out for Treasure Chests for useful loot.

Sound matters: Use headphones.

It's surprising how useful a good pair of headphones can be when playing Fortnite on a mobile app. Of course, when playing on a phone for a quick round it may not be practical to have headphones on your ears, but they should be used whenever possible. The Fortnite universe is rich in both sights and sounds, and hearing those sounds can be critical to both survival and launching surprise attacks.

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A decent pair of headphones allows you to hear even relatively quiet sounds that can tip you to an enemy's location. This can be a rifle shot from far away, a skirmish on the other side of a town, or even someone rummaging through a building you're in. When playing mobile, however, sounds become even more important since nearby treasure chests are identified with both a golden arc on your screen (showing the direction of the chest) and a sound. So if you're moving quickly, you may not notice the arc but you can hear the sound of a chest as you cruise by.

Headphones ensure you can hear enemies and supply drops, but they also can alert you to nearby treasure chests (if you don't see the visual cues).

Stay updated!

Epic Games is constantly updating Fortnite, with weapons, terrain, and other goodies changing all the time as the game evolves. For this reason it's important to check out Epic's website so you are in the know for what has changed in the game. When a significant change occurs -- like when vehicles were added to gameplay -- those who first take advantage of the new feature will benefit most.

Best Fortnite settings

Fortnite's mobile controls for Android and iOS are solid and surprisingly easy to learn, but that doesn't mean there aren't some tweaks to the settings that can give you an edge. The first thing to do is go into your settings and alter the touch-control sensitivity to whatever you feel gives you the most control in the game. As a general rule, the movement/run controls are fairly sensitive, so if you like a slightly more sluggish feel for more precision, reduce the touch sensitivity.

You can also turn off the auto-pick-up mode in Fortnite Mobile. This handy feature makes it easier to gather resources, weapons, and items quickly. However, it can also become a pain in the butt if you have everything sorted out in your inventory just the way you like it, and that one empty slot keeps getting filled with something you don't want, prompting you to have to dump it. Whether you disable this feature is up to you, but as a general rule better players tend to disable it as their skill advances.

Fortnite building tips: Learn to build like the wind

When you first play Fortnite, building seems like an afterthought. It's not what you want to immediately do; indeed, you want to go out and lay waste to your competitors. However, as your proficiency in Fortnite progresses, it quickly becomes clear that if you want to be the last person standing then you're going to have to master the art of building.

Build walls and other structures quickly

Since you're playing on a mobile device and the build menu is accessed by pressing the build button on your screen, there just aren't any shortcuts to getting into this menu. So how do you get good at it? In this case there is no alternative but to practice and learn the nuances of the various shapes and structures you can build.

Building quickly is an important skill to master in Fortnite Mobile.

Building for defense

Throwing up walls to stop enemy bullets is a smart move. Generally speaking one can build faster than enemies can destroy walls, but if you build with metal or brick the structures can take more damage before failing. When building ramps, place a couple of extra walls at the foundation so that it takes longer for an enemy to knock-out the base of your ramp. If the base goes, and there is no piece of the structure touching the ground, you plummet. Conversely, if you have an enemy building a ramp to get away from you, shoot out the base of that ramp to bring them tumbling down, usually to their death.

Building to move

While building to defend oneself is important, building to move is also incredibly handy. For example, let's say you need to get down a very steep cliff that would otherwise damage you heavily if you just slid down. The thing to do is build quick, cheap wooden platforms that allow you to effectively hop down the cliff without taking any damage. This takes some practice, but it's a helpful technique to get out of a precarious predicament.


Traps can be found or built, and they can be your best friend in Fortnite. The Spike Trap is good defensive trap because it's silent and enemies will usually take a fair chunk of damage from one when triggered.

Not all traps are entirely defensive, however. Another trap called Bouncer Trap quite literally flings enemies into the air. When stepped on, the Bouncer Trap will send an enemy careening into oblivion (six tiles in the direction they were moving when they stepped on the trap), but it can also be used to get you out of trouble quickly. The Jump Pad actually doesn't do any damage to a player when they land, but it gets them (you or your enemy) out of the area in a hurry.

Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is an epic item you can use to rocket you into the air, where you can then glide away from your enemies with relative ease. If you come across a Launch Pad, you'd best be picking it up because it's a valuable tool whether you're running from a shotgun or the impending storm.

After jumping on a launch pad, a player floats safety to the ground.

Pro Fortnite tactical secrets

It's not super hard to pull the trigger and empty a clip at an enemy, but to be truly successful it's important to get a handle on how exactly you use your weapons and how you approach fighting to greatly increase your chances of surviving longer.

Set up your inventory the same way every game

One way to ensure that you always pull up the same weapon in moments of stress is to put your weapons into the same slots each and every time you play. It sounds like a small thing, but if you don't have to physically look at the inventory panel to decide which weapon you're switching to it saves you valuable nanoseconds that can make the difference between defeat and victory in a one-on-one battle. For this reason, it's best to be consistent -- always put the same weapon (or types of weapons) in the same slot every time. The same goes for Shields or Bandages.

Pro tip to improve accuracy: When you are attempting to shoot someone at medium distance, crouch. Crouching increases accuracy (but also makes you a sitting duck).

Weapons switching

When you get into the heat of a battle, being able to quickly switch your weapons is critical.

As an example, you turn a corner in a town and come across an enemy point blank. You break out your shotgun and do some damage, but they manage to start running away from you. A quick switch to an assault rifle allows you to finish them off quickly, but if it takes you time to fumble to switch weapons, they may have already built a defensive structure, making your job more difficult.

This ties into the inventory consistency above: If you know where your weapons are every game, then you can quickly become proficient at switching from one weapon to another.

Pro tip for easy kills: A game of Fortnite Battle Royale has 100 players in it. Some of those players will invariably be distracted from their computers, phones, and game consoles while they are on the bus getting ready to drop onto the island. If you wait on the bus for the full 30 seconds and drop with all of the players who are not paying attention, after you land you can often get a few kills from those who are distracted. Cheap? Sure, but it works to get you experience and a few extra kills.

How to find supply drops, supply llamas, and V-Bucks

It's not super hard to pull the trigger and empty a clip at an enemy, but to be truly successful -- and to greatly increase your chances of surviving longer -- it's important to get a handle on how exactly you use your weapons, how you approach fighting, and what exactly you can do with the V-Buck in-game currency.

Where are the best supply llama locations?

Supply Llamas are a rare item in Fortnite Battle Royale. They contain lots of goodies including 200 each of Metal, Wood, and Stone, 10 rounds of every type of ammo, and three of Shields, Med Kits, or Traps. Finding a Llama can be a bonanza indeed. That said, three of them are on every map and they drop randomly. Fortunately, however, you can focus on a few areas where Llamas are more likely to drop:

  • The major road running north/south through the island.
  • The area in and around Tilted Towers.
  • The open area between the Flush Factory and Shifty Shafts.
  • The Haunted Hills.
  • Paradise Palms.
Finding a Supply Llama is a sure way to gather goodies.

Where do supply drops land?

Supply drops are common in Fortnite Battle Royale. They fall from the sky in blue crates that drift slowly to the ground. While not as lucrative as Llamas, they are super handy, nonetheless. Supply Drops/Crates contain two consumable items, including Shield Potions, Med Kits, and Slurp Juice (Shield replenisher). They also contain two traps such as a Bouncer Trap, a Launch Pad, or a Cozy Campfire. Lastly, supply drops always contain one weapon with some ammunition to boot.

Supply drops always happen within the safe circle, and they are always announced with a sound, although even though you can hear the sound doesn't mean you are near the drop. They also take a fair bit to float to the ground, although there are blue flares that denote where they are going to ultimately land. The rub is that everyone else wants the supply drops as much as you, so if you come across a blue flare you can build an enclosure around it to protect what lands there, but expect a lot of attention from others.

What to do with V-Bucks

You can't earn them while playing a Fortnite Battle Royale game, but you can purchase V-Bucks through the store in the lobby. Fortnite Mobile is a free-to-play game, so none of the in-app purchases you can make with V-Bucks gives you an advantage in the game, but you can spend your V-Bucks on a Battle Pass and skins and dance moves to create a distinctive style for your character.

Be aware that you can get V-Bucks just in the game. Steer clear of sites promising free V-Bucks, just like you're avoiding sites that promise a Fortnite APK download, outside of iOS app store and Epic Games site.

Create your own style with V-Bucks.

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