Mozilla published security repairs for Firefox and Thunderbird on Tuesday, which included updates for the legacy versions of both.

Firefox 3.6.7 for Windows, Mac, and Linux fixes 14 security bugs, including eight listed as critical, two high-level bugs, and four moderate ones. The critical bugs addressed problems such as DOM attribute cloning and remote and arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities in plug-in parameters, dangling pointers, and other miscellaneous memory safety hazards. Several stability repairs were also made. Full release notes for Firefox 3.6.7 are available.

Firefox 3.5.11 fixes the same bugs that were addressed in Firefox 3.6.7, although note that Mozilla encourages users to upgrade to Firefox 3.6.7.

Thunderbird 3.1.1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux repairs one critical bug that would crash the e-mail client, and five other bugs across the three platforms. The legacy version of Thunderbird was also upgraded to version 3.0.6, and addresses several critical-level bugs. As with Firefox, Mozilla advises users to upgrade to Thunderbird 3.1.1.