Mozilla updated its bleeding-edge browser Firefox Aurora to version 6 just before the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S., finally giving Firefox fans the same range of in-development browsers that have been easily accessible to Chrome users for some time. Firefox Aurora 6 can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Linux, and like its Google counterpart Chrome dev, it offers fewer major changes than what people are used to, but it offers them more often.

Mozilla shows developers some love with new developer's tools in Firefox Aurora 6. (Credit: Mozilla)

In a blog post, Mozilla said that this first release of Firefox Aurora 6 includes an improved add-ons manager that comes with a plugin check verification tool built in. This means that plugins like Adobe Flash will automatically get checked to ensure that they are up-to-date. There's also a new Groups On Demand feature for Panorama, which ought to improve browser start times by loading saved groups only when using the tab grouping feature. Power users also get a new data management window for fine-tuning control that individual Web sites have over your browsing data like cookies, passwords, and location information. It's accessible by typing "about:permissions" into the location bar.

Developers see some love in Aurora 6, too. The new Scratchpad lets developers quickly build and test JavaScript snippets, similar to Chrome. The Web Console can now be moved around or even broken out into a separate window, just like a tab; and the Web Developer Menu concentrates access to the developer tools from the Firefox menu button in one place.

Other developer support enhancements in Aurora 6 include server-sent events, better HTML5, and DOM level 3.