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Mozilla has finished its second release candidate for its first mobile Firefox browser. Firefox 1.0 for Nokia's open-source Maemo platform can't be far behind.

In addition to fixing "a major performance issue" plaguing the Nokia N900, Mozilla has also updated the latest version of the Gecko layout engine. By using the same version of Gecko that's driving the forthcoming Firefox 3.6 RC1, Mozilla is keeping parity between the mobile and desktop versions of its browser.

Mozilla is expected to push out an update for Web surfers who have already downloaded the first release candidate into their Nokia N900 or N810 devices. You can also download the RC2 directly from the mobile browser.

Jessica Dolcourt reviews smartphones and cell phones, covers handset news, and pens the monthly column Smartphones Unlocked. A senior editor, she started at CNET in 2006 and spent four years reviewing mobile and desktop software before taking on devices.