On Tuesday Mozilla announced the public release of Firefox 27 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. For this release, Mozilla adds more stacks to its social APIs, bringing new partners like Delicious onboard.

Delicious is a built-in tool that lets users save and organize content from the Web. Now users can access Delicious via the Firefox sidebar.

Web developers can use the new specification "all: unset" in style tags. Prior to the addition of the unset keyword, many developers popularized the use of reset style sheets that individually set all properties to a default value. The CSS keyword "unset" will help to drastically reduce the chances of unintended styling from newly added browser-specific Web properties. Popular CSS reset tools like Meyerweb currently maintain their updates by manually adding new browser properties to their reset codes. The addition of the unset code could help reduce dependency and fill in holes for front-end developers.

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