Sure, baseball's pennant races are just getting interesting, and pro football teams are still in their training camps, but for fantasy football commissioners, now's the time to gather your owners, set up your league, and prepare for the fantasy draft.

Pick a fantasy football site

You can't toss a football and not hit a website that offers to host your league. Pick one that will take on the difficult work of managing your league and its teams. A good site helps you set up and enforce the rules of your league, organize your draft, and track rosters. Look for a companion app that lets you supervise your league and team from your phone.


ESPN (Android and iOS) claims to have the most fantasy players, and you can see why. The website is packed with fantasy news, position rankings, and advice columns -- some free and some available with an ESPN Insider subscription. The site also runs around-the-clock mock drafts with various league types and draft scenarios, so you can get a feel for how the player-selection process works.

Join an existing league or start or renew your own league. ESPN offers plenty of league options, and once the season starts, it's easy to set your lineup and bench, add, drop, and trade players.

Through the ESPN Fantasy Sports app (iOS, Android), you can manage your team's roster and see a live feed of your weekly matchup.

ESPN fantasy football


While Yahoo (Android and iOS) as a company has been going through a rough patch, its fantasy sports team is undeterred and offers pages of guides for how to play fantasy football, organize a league, and pick a successful team.

The Yahoo Fantasy Sports app (iOS, Android) lets you oversee your roster, track player stats, and monitor league standings. You can even see the weather forecast for each of your players for the day of the game.

Yahoo Fantasy Football


CBS's (Android and iOS) fantasy football site is filled with league tools, roster tips, rankings, projections, blogs, and player news. (Disclosure: is part of CBS Interactive, a division of the CBS Corporation.)

With the CBS Sports Fantasy app (iOS, Android), you can participate in mock and live drafts and manage your team.


As you might expect, the National Football League (Android and iOS) hosts its own fantasy football website that including draft guides, player rankings and comparisons, and a community page where you can ask and answer owner questions. The site also coordinates dedicated Google Hangouts league members. The NFL Fantasy Football app (iOS, Android) helps you draft and manage your team and monitor games.

NFL Fantasy Football


Fleaflicker lacks a mobile app, so if that's a deal-breaker, stop reading now. And it's thin on roster tips and player news.

But what it does do, its users love. Fleaflicker is a free, easy-to-use, and highly customizable fantasy football site that lets commissioners fine-tune their league settings to suit your owners.

Fleaflicker Fantasy Football
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