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Black Friday is not for the faint of heart. People start lining up outside of stores in the wee hours of the morning in anticipation. Once the doors open, it's everyone for themselves. The masses of people might be incentive to stay home and grab those Cyber Monday deals instead.

Snagging sales is the main goal. Having these apps in your arsenal for the Black Friday frenzy might help you get more bang for your buck.

1. The Black Friday app

The Black Friday app (iOS, Android) is like having dozens of sales circulars in your pocket. The app generates flyers and coupons for Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday deals, toy catalogs, and Green Monday.

The app's layout is pretty straightforward. After allowing the app permission to your location, you can start searching Black Friday sales and weekly ads. Items are broken up into online-only and in-store coupons. Tap an item to read more about it, save it, or shop right away.

You can filter the sales locally so you know what's going on closest to you. The coupons extend to restaurants, sports, outdoor activities, and other things to do.

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2. DealNews

DealNews (iOS, Android) keeps you up-to-date on all the sales so you can plan your Black Friday shopping excursion in advance.

The app gives you access to deals, coupons, and blog posts with shopping tips. The app's blog has articles about what to expect on Black Friday at certain locations, how to save ahead of time, and more.

Scroll through Today's Deals, Top Coupons, and My Deals, where you can save coupons for later.

DealNews keeps track of how long the coupons are good for and learns what you like, so it'll alert you to new deals.

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3. Flipp

The Flipp app (Android, iOS) goes beyond Black Friday and is great for saving money year-round. Sales are searchable via item, brand, or category and Flipp price-matches with local flyers and coupons.

Make a shopping list in the app to keep track of sales from more than 800 retailers. You can save your store loyalty cards into the app as well.

The app can alert you to new deals, offers, and updates from your favorite locations. In addition, it'll let you know when your deals are about to expire, so you won't miss anything.

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4. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy (iOS, Android) personalizes your experience by asking you what categories you're interested in and where you like to shop. Adding your preferences lessens the chances that you'll be scrolling through ads for products you don't care about.

The app has a Pinterest-style layout. You can search by item, category, stores, and more. If you're in a store, ShopSavvy has a barcode scanner so you can compare prices. The app includes user reviews.

ShopSavvy keeps track of your search history and lets you save items so you don't lose track of anything. The app also has a blog similar to The Black Friday app so you can read up on best deals for TVs, headphones, phone, toys, and more.

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5. The Coupons app

The Coupons app (iOS, Android) has deals and discounts for superstores, drugstores, clothing shops, grocery stores and more. You can search through retailers like Kohls, Walmart, Sam's Club, Banana Republic, Victoria's Secret, Dillards, and Old Navy.

The ads and coupons are updated daily. The app offers cash-saving coupon rebates too. The app's barcode scanner works through your device's camera for price comparison.

You can also search local Groupon deals while on the go. While you're on the road shopping all day, the app will find the cheapest gas nearby.

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6. Best Buy

If you have the Best Buy app (iOS, Android) on your phone, the tech-lover in your life will thank you.

You can shop all the latest gadgets and gear, view discounts, and have your purchases shipped directly to your home or the nearest store.

By tapping a product in the app, you can learn more about it and read reviews. If you're in-store, use the app's barcode scanner to get more information on an item. If you add a product to your shopping cart, the app will let you know if there are any required parts.

The Best Buy app also helps you look up trade-in values if you're looking to upgrade on your old devices.

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7. Amazon

You can do almost all of your holiday shopping on Amazon (iOS, Android), and it offers great opportunities for savings. The site has Gold Box Deals like Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals. You can be automatically notified of every new sale.

Amazon connects with your Alexa device so you can search and order via voice command.

Keep track of everyone's gifts with wishlists, and make your own list to share. Any product you search will generally have reviews from customers, the option to compare prices, and a suggested item section for further shopping.

You can also sign up for Amazon Prime for even more savings. Items may less, ship for free, and arrive sooner with an annual subscription. And if you get Prime, you can take advantage of Amazon's Prime Video streaming service and watch such shows as "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."

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8. Target

Anyone who's been to Target (iOS, Android) knows that you go inside for one item and there's a good chance you'll leave with 20 things. You can do all the same shopping from the comfort of home in your pajamas with the store's app.

You can check weekly ads, Cartwheel offers, and item availability from your smartphone. The app lets you add your credit or debit REDcard to the Wallet to redeem your coupons at checkout.

If you do have to travel to the store, the app can help you streamline your shopping trip with store maps, aisle locations, reviews, and a built-in barcode scanner.

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9. Walmart

The Walmart app (iOS, Android) has had several upgrades in preparation for the holiday season.

Users can check out the AR scanner in the iOS app to compare products, prices, and ratings. To get home faster, customers can use "Check Out With Me" to pay for items on the spot almost anywhere in the store.

The app can pinpoint an item's location in the store, down to the placement on a shelf. Items also ship for free if your total is over $35 and make returns easier.

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