In the 2D/3D platformer, Fez, your protagonist Gomez embarks on an epic journey to uncover a universe-shattering mystery. The game's own journey from conception to the Windows platform has been nearly as monumental. First announced in July 2007, Fez's development was delayed for years. Creator Phil Fish's company, Polytron struggled with internal issues before finally demoing the game in 2011 and releasing a final version on Xbox Live in April 2012. Another year later, and the game finally lands on Windows, available from online distributors Steam and GOG.

Despite the long haul to release, Fez has received near universal acclaim for its unique look, intelligent level design, and sheer enormity of the stages to explore and secrets to discover. (Even the soundtrack has secrets!) If you dive into Gomez's world, you'll likely be there for a while.

Fez received the "Excellence in Visual Art" award at the 2008 Independent Games Festival, and then came back four years later to win the Seamus McNally Grand Prize at the 2012 IGF. The Xbox version receives a very solid 89 score on Metacritic (while the PC version also shows very high early scores already).

Fez is currently available for Windows XP, 7, and 8. Mac and Linux versions are rumored to be released later this year. Unfortunately there is no demo...yet.

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