This slimmed-down file manager trumps Windows Explorer on many counts, but it may have too much flexibility for some users.

Xplorer2 Lite's interface is easily adapted to your preferences. Toolbars and information windows can be moved on a whim. You can browse two or more folders in one window, using program tabs and different panes. What's more, you can customize search windows and save the settings for later use. Visual filters improve crowded directory readability. You can easily rename multiple files at once, split or merge files, synchronize folders, and shred data to prevent recovery. However, Check Duplicates and Compare Subfolders functions are restricted to the paid version.

An enhanced DOS command line allows you to create scripts to process file batches, a nice touch for more advanced users. The online help is detailed, the tool tips are mini manuals, and the Tip of the Day feature gives even more helpful information. The learning curve is exceedingly gentle. Almost everyone should find this file manager a great improvement over their current tool: Xplorer2 Lite will even make novices feel like power users.