Originally intended for blogging, but customizable into just about any configuration, WordPress is the Firefox of cross-platform content management systems, including the iPhone. Extensible and proud of it, the program itself is known for having one of the simplest installations of any CMS available.

The download is a ZIP file that comes with instructions on how to install it to your server, requiring an FTP client and administrator-level rights. Documentation for the ''five-minute install'' at its Web site is extensive, clear, and concise. The WordPress support forums haven't failed me yet in answering even my most difficult questions.

Without a doubt, the ease with which users can install updates and incorporate plug-ins is the best tool that WordPress provides. The deep extension library can be used for such large-scale changes as turning your blog into a photo gallery or online store, or something more basic like theme changes, or technical such as configuring regular database backups. WordPress is highly recommended for those who want a hands-on approach to their blogging and content managing software, but it's not for beginners.

The iPhone version emphasizes function over form, porting photo uploading and post writing and editing to the portable device. However, it's missing some crucial things like copy and paste--that's Apple's fault, but still--and comment moderation that would make this a stellar, fully functional app.