UPDATED: There are 12 categories in WinSecret, not eight.

Novice users get a helping hand with this freeware tool for easily tweaking Windows. WinSecret's simple multimenu interface logically arranges the program's many tweaks into 12 categories. The Help file spends more time explaining installation than program operation, but the tweaks presented are organized better than in many similar applications.

Each of the categories includes tabs for general tweaks and extra tabs for tweaks that restrict functions and tools. Keeping the restrictions separate should forestall users from accidentally disabling needed functions. Most tweaks merely need a check to implement the item. The application lists the Windows default option for most tweaks, but does not show items that have been altered with TweakNow WinSecret. However, the application includes a fail-safe Restore Now function to undo any changes made with the application.

No tweak program does it all, but WinSecret is a good collection for novice to intermediate users. Most expert users will probably find that most of the included tweaks are long-standing adjustments that they either implemented or rejected.