Yesterday we featured WikiTaxi, which makes Wikipedia portable. Today's Featured Freeware is WikidPad, which does the inverse: it mashes up Notepad and the generic wiki format to create an eminently "cross-referenceable" tool for keeping track of just about anything. Students, researchers, and other users who need to take notes should be especially interested in WikidPad, given that the format is perfect for taking and organizing notes. The localized cross-referencing system should be an excellent tool for those who need it.

Note that Mac and Linux users should follow the installation instructions from the WikidPad Web site.

The layout will be familiar to users of Notepad and the more advanced Notepad analogues like NoteTab Light. The left pane is a tree of nodes, while the main window displays the wiki page you're currently viewing. The trick is getting familiar enough with the wiki format. The standalone, open-source app sports some useful features to help you along, including the absolutely essential on-the-fly linking. This occurs based on CamelCase and other criteria outlined in the included WikidPad documentation. Reading said documentation is equally essential before using the app, and the app could benefit from some clear and concise tutorials, or links to ones online.

Don't let the steep learning curve intimidate you, though, if you need what WikidPad provides it's definitely worth looking at.