SpeedFan isn't overly complicated, but if you don't understand the information it offers, I strongly recommend you research it before proceeding. If you do know the difference between your Vcore and Vsb, it presents some useful system details. SpeedFan's tabbed interface isn't hard to navigate, but let's face it: most users won't be able to make head or tail of the data this utility provides. The program's system-tray icon tells you the temperature of your PC's hard drive, and you can receive information on voltage and fan speeds.

The utility can display SMART data and includes a tool for resetting motherboard clocks. Basically, if this review makes no sense to you, SpeedFan is above your head and won't be worth downloading unless you're interested in investing the time to learn more. However, PC technicians and those who like to do their own system maintenance might as well take a look at this application, particularly in these energy-saving days.