If Really Simply Syndication is like a drug for news junkies, allowing headlines, blog posts, and podcasts to be sent automatically to a computer's desktop every day, then RSS Bandit is the risk-free delivery system.

The basics are all present and accounted for, with subscribing, managing, and reading the flow of news all easy to perform tasks. RSS Bandit has many attractive features, too, allowing a user to merge news headlines from multiple sources onto a single page and organize articles based on keyword, read-unread status, and age. The built-in tabbed browser lets users read the full article and search for new newsfeeds without quitting the program is a must-have these days, and adding new feeds is a simple one-click action. The software lets users customize frequency and display settings for each individual feed, too. Once those settings are chosen, the program updates automatically and can display alerts whenever a new headline is available.

The native search capability is a bit lacking and could be more flexible, while the internal browser could have used an address bar to make Web navigation a bit easier. On the whole, RSS Bandit is an attractive choice for news hounds.