If you're looking for a way to sift through an enormous image library for specific photos, Photology makes for a quick study.

A simple interface is based on Microsoft's .NET framework and features a dark gray background and large easy-to-read buttons for the programs feature set. Images are displayed as thumbnails, so you can flip through pages if you're just looking to browse. Some editing tools are available for red-eye correction and image rotation, and you can sort photos into groups made easily accessible on the bottom of the interface. Photology's true strength is its capability to quickly sort through giant photo libraries and find images fitting a specific criterion. You can sort by date, time of day, indoor or outdoor location, and content such as faces, flowers, and sunsets. Users can also search by name for previously-labeled images.

Those are a bit basic compared with the coolest thing that Photology knows how to do. You can search by color, simply by using a mouse-over tool to select different gradations. Though some may be turned off by the required extra download of the .NET framework, this program is a great choice for anyone wishing to collect photos and search a large image library.