Organizing log-in information is a painless process with this easy-to-use password manager. Novices will especially appreciate its straightforward user interface. Password Dragon opens with an intuitive interface that isn't overwhelming.

Menu and toolbar items run across the top, and individual log-in information is displayed in the main window. To help users, the program activates only the buttons necessary for the task at hand to avoid any confusion. Click on the New File button to see the Add Record button, which then creates a new entry. The input fields are all self-explanatory, and there are no cumbersome slowdowns to entering account information. That includes your username, password, and site URL. The program rolls in a password generator, and the ability to launch the Web site associated with the record. The Options menu gives you all sorts of settings for masking certain log-in info, setting an inactivity timeout, and copying items to your clipboard at start-up.

When you finish up, an encryption algorithm keeps your saved data safe. This program's no fuss, no muss approach to protecting log-in information is hard to dislike.