MSKeyViewer Plus retrieves full product-key information for numerous licensed applications, and it does it with a fair bit of style.

The program's GUI is simple but elegant, with clearly labeled buttons that should leave you with no question about how to use it. Granted, there's very little to do--open the program and all your licensed programs are shown in one of the two tabs. Programs are listed in a tree format, and it's easy to drill down to the details. The other tab shows nonlicensed programs like the free Adobe Acrobat reader. You can selectively copy information to the clipboard with ease.

MSKeyViewer Plus supports Microsoft Windows, Office, and other Microsoft products, in addition to other licensed programs like CA eTrust Anti-Virus and Norton Anti-Virus. You won't be able to change product-key information with this freeware, but MSKeyViewer Plus earns top marks for its clean design and effortless functionality.