Sharing photos is what we all want to do, but the number of ways to get it done can be overwhelming. For users who want to keep their photos in a small, private circle, don't always want to access a Web site to get their sharing on, or for those who want or need to keep their Web use to a minimum, Memeo Share might be your solution.

Driven by a user-friendly setup wizard, Memeo Share lets you sync files from a designated folder on your computer to the computer of one or more contacts. File-sharing becomes a breeze, especially for transferring multiple large files like high-resolution pics or sharing with technical novices.

Memeo Share also has social networks in mind, auto-posting photos to Facebook and videos to YouTube if that's your desire, and pulling in existing Web mail contacts. It comes with 1 GB of free storage space, and can be upgraded for $4.99 per month if you need more space.

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