This simple program will sound an alarm through your laptop's speakers when certain activities occur, helping to thwart laptop theft. Laptop Alarm's four-check-box interface takes seconds to set. An option pop-up is as easily set to control mouse sensitivity and set a program password.

Operating Laptop Alarm is a snap. Users merely run the executable and set the alarm to sound if the laptop loses power the system is shut down or logged off, if the USB mouse is unplugged, or if the mouse moved. Testers found the program accurate with no false alarms. There's no method to alter the alarm sound, and users aren't given the opportunity to enter the program password before the alarm goes off.

Laptop Alarm performs well and as expected, but it doesn't run in the background and must be reset each time you want to use it. Leaving your computer is not an action we'd recommend, but this freeware may at least hurt the ears of a potential laptop thief.