This free IE add-on captures JPEG images of bookmarked sites in the event that the tagged site changes or disappears. InternetScrap introduces a toolbar to your Internet Explorer window that contains only two buttons--not a great use of space, but the feature is pretty neat.

The first button on the toolbar lets you manage bookmarked Web pages, which the plug-in calls "scraps." The settings menu lets you opt to scrap an entire Web page or just the visible area. A slide bar is available for manipulating the scrap resolution, or you can use one of the preset options. The second button is for scrapping the Web page. Click on the button to see a preview of the scrapped page, and then select a location to save it. A hot key combination is rolled in, and there's also the option to e-mail the bookmarked page. The program worked quickly, and makes the scraps accessible via your Favorites.

Users of all skill levels will find this program easy to use, and it's recommended as an alternative to bookmarking.