gMote is one of the easiest to use mouse gesture tools around. gMote's dual-pane configuration interface makes it a snap to create and program mouse gestures, and takes extra steps to teach new users how it works via a prompt on first run to check out the built-in tutorial.

Press the create button, make your mouse gesture in the test window, and then use a pull-down to assign one of the 30-plus actions. The actions center on browser, media player, and word-processing commands. However, program execution, Web site selection, and hot-key combinations are also easily added actions.

To make sure normal mouse movements don't invoke gesture actions, you can chose a key combination, the center mouse button, or the right mouse button to hold as you make the gesture. The gesture draws a temporary line on the screen to help users make the correct movement. The app then helpfully displays the gesture in a pop-up box before invoking the action. Gestures are easily saved in sets and are as easily deleted when no longer needed. gMote warns users when new gestures are too similar to older ones, a sharp feature that's a must in this kind of program.