Find and Run Robot keeps your hands right where you want them, if you're a keyboard addict. This launcher seems to have been designed for people who want to keep their digits pounding the plastic, so every step of the program has been keyed for those with quick fingers.

FARR uses a quick key combo, the arrow keys, or your mouse to launch programs and files. (Credit: Donation Coder)

Hit the Pause/Break key to bring up the launching window, and as you type FARR narrows down your choices. Search results are numbered and automatically sorted using built-in scoring systems unique to the program. If you want returned result number 9, for example, simply type ALT-9 and hit enter--there's no need to touch the mouse or continue typing a longer string. A Launch History tab keeps track of what you've launched.

While the launching and searching functions are fairly basic, the options are almost overwhelming. Users can do nearly anything with the application, from adjusting the font size, style, and color to monitoring your clipboard, taking basic screen captures, Web searches, customizing hot keys, and calculation functions. FARR is also fully portable, making this a must-have whether you're on a desktop or a laptop.

Running in your system tray, FARR is innocuous and uses little RAM. The installer weighs in at about 5.5MB, while it chews up not even 7MB as it runs. Given that there are more than a dozen pages of settings you can tweak in the options menu, you may want to stay clear if you're the indecisive type. Otherwise, Find and Run Robot should keep you rockin'.