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There's a cool event you plan to attend or even host. You want to tell your Facebook friends about it to get them to join you. You can always share the event as a regular post or a message. But Facebook is now testing a more innovative way on its mobile app for you to share it.

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Currently rolling out to users in the US, Mexico and Brazil on the Facebook app (download for Android and iOS), a new feature in the test phase lets you share an event through a Facebook story. By using a story, you can spruce up the notice with special frames, symbols, drawings, and text as a way to promote the event to your friends.

Facebook offers stories as a way to share photos, videos, and other visual updates with your friends. By sharing an event through a story, you may just grab the attention of friends more easily than you would through a regular, conventional post. The major side effect of a Facebook story is that it's visible to other people for just 24 hours, just like on Instagram.

"People connect on Facebook in different ways, so we're always exploring new ways to help people do that," a Facebook spokesperson told Download.com. "We also know that people share in more visual ways, so we're working to give people the tools they need to share the way they want. With this feature, they have the option to add their own flair, like stickers, to capture the attention of friends."

The new sharing feature is currently in the test stage, according to the spokesperson, who offered to tell us if Facebook decides to roll it out further. I discovered the option on my iPhone and Android devices but not yet on my iPad and not on the Facebook website.

To try out the new feature, tap the Events link on your Facebook feed. Find an event that you want to promote to your friends. Tap the thumbnail photo for that event. At the event's page, tap the Share icon and select the option to Share to Your Story. (If that option doesn't appear, then the feature hasn't yet reached you.)

At the Share page, you can spruce up the event notice a number of ways. Tap the Effects icon on the bottom toolbar to add a colorful frame to it. Tap the symbol icon at the top to add a badge, emoji, or other symbol to it. Tap the text icon to add text to the notice. And tap the squiggle icon to draw on top of the notice.

Best of all, a tappable sticker automatically appears in the story with the event details. Friends can tap on the sticker directly to let you know if they're interested and plan to attend. Tap the option for Your Story to push it live. Your friends can then view your story by selecting it in the Stories section at the top of their Facebook feed.

According to the Facebook spokesperson, "Facebook Stories are only visible for 24 hours, so any event you share will also only be visible for 24 hours. You'll still be able to see who responded to your story via your archive and can start a Messenger thread from there."

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  1. Facebook is testing a new option on its mobile app for Android and iOS to help you share events with your friends through a story.
  2. By using a story, you can promote the event with special effects such as frames, symbols, badges, and emoji.

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