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Facebook Watch, the social media giant's video platform, has gained immense popularity in its short life. Though the video service is not even two years old yet, 400 million people spend at least a minute watching one of the network's videos.

Shows like Jada Pinkett Smith's "Red Table Talk" and "Sorry for Your Loss," a drama starring Elizabeth Olsen, draw some of the largest audiences.

To help more creators and publishers generate revenue from their videos, Facebook just announced that it is expanding its Ad Breaks to 40 countries around the world.

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The Information speculates that Facebook's redistribution of funds to more countries is to refine its programming strategy. The company's budget for news content on Watch still sits at $90 million, and with the announcement is expected to be reallocated to a wider array of programs.

"It is possible that Facebook will shift money to fund news programs overseas, following the expansion internationally of the Watch service in recent months," The Information reported.

To reach more global viewers, Facebook has announced in the past few months that it plans to launch a revamp of "The Real World" with an international spin and "Confetti," an interactive game show, for European, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Latin American markets.

News executives are worried that less money will hinder their efforts to produce content for Watch. For example, while Facebook launched six news shows from networks like CNN, ABC News and Buzzfeed in the last six months, the shows might face a reduction of funds soon.

Facebook allegedly asked some networks to make their shows shorter to increase the changes of a viewer watching the video in its entirety.

Initially, Facebook supported a mix of shorter and longer shows. For instance, "Anderson Cooper Full Circle" runs about 10 minutes. Buzzfeed's weekly interview show "Profile" can be 20 to 30 minutes. The Information reports that some shows have already slashed their running times.

Facebook's efforts to include news programs in Watch was an attempt at damage control amidst accusations of distributing fake news on the site.

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  1. Facebook Watch launched six news shows, the programs might face a reduction of funds soon.
  2. The company is possibly redistributing funds to expand its brand internationally. The decision could potentially stop some networks from publishing content.

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