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First announced at F8 in May, Facebook is rolling out 3D photo capabilities through portrait mode. The feature adds the illusion of depth into your photos, Facebook said.

"3D photos can help you feel even closer to the people, places and things you share on Facebook and relive your memories in a way that feels more real," Facebook 360 said on its page.

The feature is limited to dual-lens smartphones with portrait-mode capability. 3D photos can also be viewed in VR with the Oculus Browser on Oculus Go. You can also use an Oculus Rift.

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Simply take a picture in portrait mode on your smartphone, and tap the 3D photos option in the status update box. From there, you can tap or click-and-drag on the subject's head to see photo "depth."

Facebook 360 offers a few photography tips to get the best 3D photo. Facebook suggests using portrait mode on newer devices like the iPhone 7+, 8+, X, or XS. Best results come from taking your picture at a distance of three to four feet.

Facebook said the 3D effect will be enhanced if the subject color and background color contrast. Subjects will appear 3D if they have more texture, like solid edges and aren't too shiny. Transparent objects won't capture as well.

3D photos are Facebook's next step to keep a user's news feed exciting. The advancement comes after several tweaks over the years like live video broadcasts and 360 photos.

It remains to be seen how many users will take advantage of the new feature. There are a few steps to get the best photo possible which the average user might not want to go through every time.

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  1. Facebook is rolling out 3D photos for users with dual lens smartphone cameras.
  2. After taking a photo in portrait mode, users can choose the 3D photo option before uploading it the Facebook. Once applied, users can tap or click on the subject's face to move around in the photo.

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