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Last year, nearly half of Facebook (download for iOS or Android) users between the ages of 18 and 29 deleted the app from their phones. The company has seen an exodus of younger users in the last few years after the fallout of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Unfortunately for the owners of some Samsung devices, the social media app comes pre-installed. This means users can only disable the app, they can't delete it. Some users took to the Android Central forums to share their experiences.

Facebook told The Washington Post that it has partnerships with several unnamed phone manufacturers, mobile operators and operating systems, allowing them to pre-install the app.

The social media giant and Samsung claim that disabling Facebook on the devices would prevent the app from collecting data or sending information about the user to the social network.

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The assurance might not mean much to users who no longer trust Facebook.

Pre-installed apps are not exclusive to Samsung. Apple iPhones come with several built-in iOS apps. The company improved upon older versions by allowing users to delete pre-installed apps with the new iOS 12.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal, though massive in itself, isn't the only incident that has soured the social media site for some users.

Last December, Facebook was under fire for granting companies like Netflix, Spotify and Microsoft greater access to user data and possibly private messages. In the same week, Washington, DC, Attorney General Karl Racine said he was suing the social media site over privacy violations.

Where Facebook once dominated in social media popularity, other companies are cropping up and capitalizing on the company's poor privacy practices.

Social media sites like MeWe (download for iOS or Android) and Vero (download for iOS or Android) both market a more authentic, private user experience.

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  1. The owners of some Samsung devices cannot delete Facebook because the app is pre-installed. This means users can only disable it.
  2. In the wake of Facebook's multiple data problems, the claim that disabling the app will protect users could ring hollow.

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