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Losing a loved one is possibly the worst thing a person can experience. It only gets worse when you have to contact far-away family and friends to let them know what happened. It can recycle the feelings of the person passing over and over again as you repeat the news.

Between making funeral plans and grieving, it can be challenging to give the sad news to everyone who needs or wants to know. What's worse, your extended network can sometimes go weeks or months before finding out.

The Everdays app (iOS, Android) can notify everyone about a loved one's passing quickly and efficiently, taking the burden off of the grieving family.

"By the time most adults have a family, we're touched by a relevant passing about once every 30 days. But, as life gets more hectic, we all lose touch and our networks grow to be large and scattered. So by the time we find out about a loss, it is too late to show the support for the family when they need it most," Mark Alhermizi, CEO of Everdays, said in a press release. "Our mission is to make sure that never happens again by keeping you connected and informed about these milestone events."

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Everdays provides a more appropriate place to share the news of a loss versus Facebook. The app also works directly with deathcare professionals to provide the best service.

In the app you can create a free memorial announcement for your loved one. After you share basic information like name, dates, and a photo, Everdays creates a personalized profile.

Serving as a more meaningful social network of sorts, you can add photos and memories of your loved one, post upcoming events like the visitation or funeral, and message family members.

Everdays has communities that users can join centered around alma maters, employers, military service, hometowns, and more. When a family member creates a memorial announcement, the app uses AI to alert the appropriate networks.

The app lets you select contacts in your smartphone and send a funeral announcement to everyone at once. Anyone contacted can choose to "follow" the page to send condolences, attend services, or contact the family.

"I know from personal experience how upsetting it is to find out too late," Alhermizi said. "When my dad passed, I deeply appreciated the people who came to honor his memory. But because I had moved away, when those people suffered a loss of their own, I just didn't know and wasn't able to be there for them the way they had been there to support me. I felt terrible, and I aim to eliminate that with Everdays."

More than 1.5 million people have connected through Everdays and about 800 funeral homes have started using the service.

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(Credit: Everdays)


  1. The Everdays app is a social network that helps families send an announcement of a loved one's passing as easily and quickly as possible.
  2. Users can create a free memorial announcement, connect invitations to memorial services, and join networks applying to their lives like alma maters, work, military service, and more.

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