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When the maker of Fortnite opened its own Epic Games Store a few weeks ago to compete with Steam -- and to offer game publishers an 88 percent revenue cut instead of the standard 70 -- we didn't expect the game industry to respond quite as fast as it has.

But with just a couple weeks left to go until the release of the highly anticipated Metro Exodus, its publisher Deep Silver has announced that sales of the PC version will now be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for an entire year. Right up until yesterday, the game could be pre-ordered on Steam, but that's now been pushed back if you have not already pre-ordered.

This comes in the wake of Ubisoft announcing that it will skip the Steam store altogether for the imminent release of The Division 2, in favor of the Epic Games Store.

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If you already pre-ordered the game on Steam (download for iOS or Android), or on a website that sells Steam product keys, you will still get your game on Steam two weeks from now; Deep Silver's announcement applies to pre-orders made between now and February 15, and to purchases of the game for the next year.

Customers who already pre-ordered the Steam version will get access to any future downloadable content on the same day that it releases on the Epic Games Store. And aside from where the game will be available, Deep Silver says that the Steam version and Epic Games Store version will be identical, and they'll both receive updates at the same time.

If you want to want your pre-order on Steam and put your support behind Epic, Valve Software provides an automated tool on its customer support site and instructions on how to use it. Any game purchased within the last 14 days can be automatically refunded, if you have played for two hours or less, but pre-orders can be canceled no matter how long ago you paid for your reservation, as long as you do so before the game is released.

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Metro Exodus is a gritty post-apocalyptic first-person shooter set in the former Russian Federation, and it will be the first time in six years that audiences have last seen a Metro game, after the developer changed hands from the now-defunct THQ. On the Epic Games Store, the game will cost $49.99, it will come with a soundtrack and digital art book if you pre-order.

As for the console versions, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are scheduled to receive the game on February 15, as originally planned. However, their price will be the console-customary $59.99, ostensibly to cover the platform licensing fee that's not present for Microsoft Windows.


  • Game publisher Deep Silver has announced that the Windows PC version of Metro Exodus will only be available on the Epic Games Store, for the next 12 months. The game is no longer sold on Steam, but pre-existing pre-orders will still be honored.
  • For those who pre-ordered on Steam, patches and downloadable content will be available for them at the same time as on the Epic Games Store.

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