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When the Epic Games Store launched at the end of last year, one of its promises was to give away one game every two weeks throughout 2019. It was and is an effective way for a game store to generate some headlines -- and you arguably need all you can get when Steam has such an oversized presence in the PC game marketplace.

So far, Epic Games doesn't seem to have had much trouble holding up its end of the bargain, despite controversies elsewhere, most notably the transition of Metro Exodus into a one-year exclusive just two weeks before it was to come out on Steam and other PC game stores around the world.

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In fact, Epic is arguably upping the ante with its latest giveaway, Thimbleweed Park. According to Is There Any Deal, this retro adventure game has not yet appeared in any game bundles; until now, $7.99 was the lowest recorded price for the game.

Thimbleweed Park is regularly priced at $19.99, and it's the product of some talented industry veterans including Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick and David Fox. If the art style looks familiar, that's because they used it back in the early 90s for pioneering Lucasfilm games like Maniac Mansion and Loom.

As for the style and tone of the game, it could be described as a lost story arc from Twin Peaks or The X-Files, but with an undercurrent of quirky humor amid the eeriness. So if you're into that, and you also like point-and-click adventure games, this may come together for you like peanut butter and chocolate. Either way, the game is highly rated, and it can run on entry-level PCs without much trouble. It's also available in mobile form on Android and iOS devices (but not for free).

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For the Windows PC version, Epic Games says that it's paying publishers out of its own pocket to support the twice-monthly giveaways on its game store, so you shouldn't feel guilty about snagging a free copy. Since Epic takes a 12-percent cut of a game's revenue instead of Steam's 30 percent, the Epic Games Store may be a more publisher-friendly storefront either way.


  • The Epic Games Store is currently giving away the Windows PC version of Thimbleweed Park, a retro point-and-click adventure game designed in part by some of the same people who made Maniac Mansion, Loom, and other Lucasfilm Game titles from the early 90s.
  • Thimbleweed Park has not been in a bundle yet and is regularly priced at $19.99.

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