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Dropbox released an update today to Dropbox Paper that brings a handful of new features to the company's collaborative workspace platform.

Signing up for Paper is free with a Dropbox account, and the collaborative service lets groups create shared documents that they easily update during meetings or brainstorm sessions.

Within your "Paper doc" you can include various file types -- including PDFs, Word docs or JPEGs -- that can help you collect in one place files associated with a project.

A doc can also store links.

"Drop a link―to a YouTube video, GIF, Pinterest board, Google Map, SoundCloud clip, or more―into your doc, and Paper knows exactly what to do with it," Dropbox said in its announcement of the update.

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"Paper automates time-consuming tasks like designing docs, creating presentations, and following up with your team. You'll spend more time refining your ideas―and less time formatting them," Dropbox said.

You can add sound and video to presentations, and the company's collection of premade templates makes formatting a doc a lot easier and faster.

During presentations or meetings, collaborators can annotate the documents on the screen and even add an emoji to lighten the mood after any criticism.

"Paper takes the pain out of collaboration. You and your team can edit docs in real time, easily review and approve work, and even manage projects right where you're working," they wrote.

Paper first shipped at the end of 2015, and Dropbox has been steadily updating the collaborative service, with an April update bringing the easy-to-use templates to the site's capabilities.

Dropbox also recently upgraded the storage capacity for their paying customers, bringing it up to 3TB of space at no additional cost, making it more competitive with competing online storage services from Microsoft and Google. And Dropbox Paper has iOS and Android apps so you can work on the go.

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  1. Dropbox Paper makes it easier to create presentations and work collaboratively.
  2. With pre-made templates and tools that allow you to edit text, add different file types and set deadlines, Dropbox Paper is seeking to challenge Microsoft Office.

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