This week Dropbox Paper became an open-to-the-public beta that you can download and try. Paper is a collaboration tool, like Slack or Asana, designed to help groups work together, but you could also consider it a competitor for cloud-based productivity apps like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365.

The Paper beta -- available on the Web and for iOS and Android -- lets you build shareable documents. These can contain text, lists, images, and image galleries, as well embedded video and sound files. You can comment on documents, and a revision history lets you track and review edits and revert back to an earlier version of the file.

For development teams, a simple code editor can handle more than a dozen languages, from HTML to C++.


Paper has many of the sharing capabilities found in document-collaboration tools like Google Docs. But its focuses on team management, giving a team administrator the ability to manage group and individual access at the document and folder level. If you connect Paper to your Google Calendar, the app will automatically create a notes doc for your next meeting and share it with attendees.

Dropbox said for now, Paper does not have a limit on the number of docs you can create but it may reevaluate that in the future.

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