iPhone users looking for a powerful camera app can now snag one for free courtesy of a new promo from Apple.

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Obscura 2, an app designed to enhance and fine-tune your photos as you snap them on your iPhone, normally sells for $4.99. But Apple is now highlighting the photo-editing app in the Apple Store app, featuring it for free via a redemption code.

As so many apps compete for attention, mobile users can easily bypass paid programs in favor of free alternatives. Apple's Featured App promotions are a way to get paid apps in the hands of more users by offering them for free for a certain period of time.

Why use a third-party camera app when your iOS device comes with its own camera software? Photo-editing tools such as Obscura 2 provide more advanced controls and features that you typically find on a dedicated digital SLR. Through the app, you can manually adjust the exposure and focus, tweak the ISO and shutter speeds, change the image format from JPG to RAW, and spruce up your photos with any one of 19 filters.

To get Obscura 2 for free, open the Apple Store app (not the App Store app) on your iPhone. Tap the Discover icon in the lower left corner and swipe down until you see the section for the Featured App, which currently points to Obscura 2. Tap the link to Download now for free. Another window pops up to describe the app. Tap the button to Download now for free. Tap Continue to jump to the App Store app. Sign in if prompted. Tap the Redeem link to automatically apply the displayed redemption code. The app then downloads to your device.

The offer expires on September 25, 2018, according to Apple.

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  1. Apple is offering the $4.99 Obscura 2 advanced camera app for free.
  2. Obscura 2 provides advanced features, settings, and filters to give you more control over your photos.

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