DeleteMe Mobile (Credit: Inc.,Abine)

Sometimes, there is truth in advertising. Today's case-in-point: Abine's DeleteMe Mobile, which, as the name suggests, vigorously petitions Internet data brokers to remove personally identifying information from their databases.

Previously only available as a Web service, the app debuts on iOS with an Android version in the works. As CNET reported last year, DeleteMe is a partially human-powered service where Abine employees take on the onerous duty of contacting data brokers on your behalf. That's an important step because many of them have been known to add your data again, just months after removing it, according to Abine's in-house online privacy analyst, Sarah Downey.

"...[A]lthough a majority of cell phone app users (57 percent) have uninstalled or decided not to install an app due to privacy concerns about the app's use or access to their personal information, there's a serious lack of privacy apps on the market to address these concerns," Downey said in an instant messenger conversation about DeleteMe Mobile.

"For more and more people, mobile devices are how they get online. It's important that people have privacy options however they get online," she added.

DeleteMe Mobile comes with one free entry removal from any of the data brokerage services that it detects your information at. You can also choose the specific entries you want removed, giving the DeleteMe subscriber a more active role in protecting him or herself.

DeleteMe Mobile costs $24.99 quarterly, which works out to be about 20 percent cheaper than the $129 per year for the Web-based DeleteMe. Abine also makes DoNotTrackMe, another privacy-focused tool for blocking tracking cookies.