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Not getting a good night's sleep can have an effect on your whole day. More than 30 percent of adults suffer from sleep problems, which can have larger implications than a few extra yawns, according to the developer of the Dayzz sleep app (iOS, Android).

When employees aren't sleeping enough, productivity can decline and the risk of accidents can increase alongside inefficient health care utilization. Lack of sleep can cost the US economy more than $400 billion per year, according to the company.

The Dayzz app develops a personalized training program to evaluate the user's sleep problems and offers a solution.

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Dayzz stands apart from other sleep-aid apps because its ability to generate a plan based on specific sleeping issues. The company told that sleeping problems don't have a "one treatment fits all" solution.

"It's important to diagnose a sleep problem properly, and then treat it accordingly. Dayzz looks beyond users' nights, taking into consideration daytime habits, sleep environment and sleep hygiene, and mind (offering breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation, etc)," the company said.

When developing a plan, Dayzz takes multiple factors into account. The app's assessment asks about a user's environment, smartphone usage, and basic lifestyle. After you take the quiz, Dayzz will rate your sleep efficiency, average sleep time, and sleep quality.

"There is a rising awareness that lack of sleep is extremely detrimental to overall health. We are also aware that people may have more than one sleep issue, and that sleep is affected by more than just our nights," Amir Inditzky, CEO of Dayzz said. "If we can improve health and overall quality of life by improving sleep quality, costs incurred by employers due to insufficient sleep will drastically decrease."

Dayzz will ask more detailed questions to generate the tools and tips you need to sleep better. For example, after you detail what your bedroom is like (lighting, temperature, and so on), Dayzz will analyze the best way to optimize your sleeping environment. If you like the plan, tap Let's Do It and you can set reminders in the app.

In addition, the app has modules to help you relax or make getting out of bed easier, and curb your caffeine intake.

The modules tackle your day, night, environment, and stress levels. Though it's not mandatory, you can connect your Fitbit device for a more thorough training plan based on collected data.

"In contrast to the traditional healthcare system, the digital solution easily lends to 24-hour hands-on sleep monitoring, and immediate, individualized, problem-based interventions aimed at supporting the sleep management process while encouraging and rewarding the user's behavioral changes, known to improve sleep and associated physical and emotional well-being," Dr. Mairav Cohen-Zion, Chief Science Officer at Dayzz said.

The company told that the program is free for individuals, but can be purchased by employers to improve employee productivity and overall health.

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  1. The Dayzz app evaluates the user's sleep habits, lifestyle, and environment to create a personalized training program.
  2. The modules tackle your day, night, environment, and stress levels. Connecting your Fitbit device can supplement the app.

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