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The "Day One" journaling app (iOS, Android) rolled out version 3.0 with 10 major updates. Users will see an updated editor interface, a time-based dark mode, and new audio recording features, to name a few.

The app serves users in a multitude of ways and takes the traditional idea of journaling to the next level. Day One's new updates accentuate many of the leading features already in place.

The app made editing entries and finishing them easier with a tap and dismiss swipe option. The Editor Menu now features an "Aa" icon that replaces the keyboard with markup options like headers, bold, italic, lists, quote, etc. Photo groups can be added together to make a collection grid. Photo organization is on the way. Users can also make checklists in "read" or "edit" mode.

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Day One also has new features for their Premium users. Journaling can be easier on the eyes with the new dark mode. Users can also journal via audio recording and record up to 30 minutes. The feature transcribes messages up to one minute in length.

Premium subscriptions cost $34.99 per year and can be purchased in the app.

Journaling is a personal, and sometimes therapeutic experience for those who do it. For me, it can be difficult to make a schedule to write. The Day One app helps users create journaling habits with reminders and a calendar.

The app also has a memory option so users can look back and see how they've grown or how problems have worked out. The app also highlights happy moments. The app also has photo options, in case you're more of a say-it-with-pictures kind of person.

The app uses end-to-end encryption, so the journal is secure, with a password and touch ID lock for extra measure.

In case you're a pro at journaling and don't want to run the risk of losing any of your entries, users can always use back up services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

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  1. Day One journaling app rolled out version 3.0 with almost a dozen new features for regular and premium users.
  2. The features include easier accessibility, a timed dark mode, and extended audio recordings.

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