Think he or she is out of your league? You won't know till you compete for their affection on the tournament-style dating app, Crown, the latest app to throw its hat into the ring of an overly-saturated online dating app market.

But how does Crown differentiate itself from the rest? And more importantly, can it get the millions of users off Tinder -- perhaps the most popular dating app around, boasting over 20 billion matches so far?

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Crown, backed by the Match Group, the parent company of other popular dating apps as Match, Tinder, OkCupid, and Plenty Of Fish, turns dating into a game as if it wasn't already a game of Tag, Trivial Pursuit, and Hide-and-go-seek all rolled into one. Even competing dating apps like Tinder and OKCupid have long been accused of turning dating into a hookup game or numbers game. Their collective motto could read: There are plenty of fish in the sea and as long as you keep swiping, one will bite. But at least they've already got a huge user base, which Crown will have to work up to.

To register for the Crown dating app, you'll have to connect with your Facebook account. If you don't have one, then you can't access the app--which won't please the Delete Facebook crowd. Crown says it does this to keep the signup process quick and easy and to ensure that you are who you say you are. Then you must allow Crown access to your location so that it can serve you matches who are nearby.

Each day at noon, Crown will send you a curated bracket of 16 potential matches, two at a time, stacked vertically. Each time, you'll choose who among the two "contestants," to advance to the next round by dragging the center coin in the direction of your preferred match. If you're not immediately sure, you can swipe through their photos carousel style. Just so the endeavor isn't entirely superficial, Crown also provides their first name, age, and job. You can tap on their name to see their profile, too. Once you've narrowed your matches down to your final four, Crown will notify the four lucky winners. They'll then choose whether they want to chat with you, meet up for a hot date, or go back to playing the game.

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The same goes for you. You can also elect to message, date, or avoid anyone who's crowned you a winner. You'll see who's liked you on the Likes page and can message them from the Connections page.

But if no one contacts you or responds to your advances, then you're stuck waiting for your next round of matches, which will come at noon the following day. Crown explains its 16-match-per-day maximum as follows: "We want you to spend less time swiping and more time connecting, so you'll only receive 16 matches a day."

Crown is only available on iOS to start. Android users will have to wait for their version of the app.


  1. Match Group's Crown dating app turns dating into a bracket-style tournament game that gives you 16 matches a day to play against each other and narrow down to the final four.
  2. There is nothing new nor progressive about Crown's gamification of dating, so if you enjoy this style of dating, you'll likely have better luck with Tinder and its larger user base.

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