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In a world of health apps and fitness trackers, a dark horse emerges: the Couch Potato app for iOS. It's the world's first sit-tracker created by Burrow, a sofa company.

The Couch Potato app's target audience is in the name. The goal is simple: The less you move, the more you win. The Couch Potato's tracker clocks how long you don't move and the little couch potato in the app will grow. At the end of the day, you'll be given a score.

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Users start out at level one as a Tater Tot. If you move, the app will detect the motion and record it. Apparently, level two, a Small Fry, can be reached in about two hours. At level five, users become a Mash Monster. At level nine, they achieve the revered status of Po-Great-O.

Despite the complete hilarity of this app, users seem to love it. Reviewers on Product Hunt said they liked the rewards and the non-judgemental nature of Couch Potato.

"Sometimes you have to break your streak to get more snacks," Cole Kennedy wrote as one of the app's downsides.

Couch Potato's rewards include coupons to buy a new couch from Burrow (because who wants to veg on an old couch?). Other prizes include discounts to Drizly and Vinebox, alcohol-delivery services.

Even if you're a health-nut, the marketing is spot on. What's the perfect way to promote couch sales? And if you're trying to become healthier, maybe Couch Potato would be a good motivation to get active after seeing the number of hours logged in a day.

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  1. Burrow, a couch company, created The Couch Potato app that users can win by moving as little as possible.
  2. When users reach different levels, they'll be rewarded with coupons discounting Burrow couch purchases and alcohol delivery services.

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