Heading into the long weekend, Resizable Form Fields and Auto Copy are two Firefox extensions that might do for your browsing experience what the extra day off hopefully will do for you.

Form fields don't do much for Web page design aesthetic, but they are one of the most effective tools around for end-users to get information to a site host. And no, smoke signals and skywriting don't count.

Resizable Form Fields 0.2.1 gives users a bit more flexibility, especially for those of us who have last names longer than six letters. Once installed, it'll turn your mouse cursor into an arrow when moved over the right-hand side of a field. From there, just click and drag to a shapelier form field, or at least a field that suits the length you need.

One glaring problem with form field is that it conflicts with Tab Mix Plus, something that hopefully will get resolved soon. While Resizable Form Fields is useful, it doesn't come close to surpassing what Download.com's Peter Butler declared, "The best Firefox extension ever."

The Auto Copy Options menu. (Credit: CNET Networks)

Auto Copy 0.6.4 is another extension that hasn't yet hit the big version 1.0 mark, but is much further along in development. It adds Linuxesque functionality to your clipboard as long as you're working within Firefox, so that simply highlighting a chunk of text will copy it.

It's more than an auto-copier, though. There's an extensive options menu that lets you Paste on middle click, De-select after copy, and muck around with several context menu options--including one that auto-opens a context menu just after you finish highlighting, giving you instant post-copy choices. You can also configure a keyboard shortcut.

Now if only we could get that kind of functionality on an OS-wide basis.

Anyway, Auto Copy has quickly become one of my favorite extensions for cutting out the Ctrl-C command. Along with All-in-One Sidebar, MR Tech Local Install, FoxyTunes, IE Tab, and the aforementioned Tab Mix Plus, it'll be interesting to see if any of these extremely popular add-ons get integrated into the next major-point update of Firefox.

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