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The success of Clan of Xymox's third album, "Twist of Shadows" was no strange twist of fate. It was its major-label backing and accessible sound that helped lift the melancholic album and the Dutch dark wave band behind it from underground independent label obscurity to cult status in the US, in the late '80s and early '90s.

"Without this album, there would be no way forward at the time," the group's singer and frontman Ronny Moorings told "It was an album opening up a whole new dimension for the band."

Released in 1989, Clan of Xymox's first major-label debut on PolyGram (now Universal) found the band working with esteemed record producers Peter Walsh (Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel, Gene Loves Jezebel) and his brother Greg Walsh (Heaven 17, Tina Turner, Chicago), with additional help from the legendary Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex, Iggy Pop).

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With its more pop-friendly sound, the 10-track, which bridged electronic music and goth rock, won Billboard's "Hot Shot Debut" cracked the Billboard 200 and catapulted three of the band's most enduring songs -- the mystical "Obsession" and the heartbreakingly beautiful "Blind Hearts" and "Imagination" -- up the charts.

And Moorings told that he thinks the album holds up nicely even three decades after it was recorded.

"I still think it is a valid album for me and, of course, a huge learning school," he said. "A lot of songs I still like from this album. 'Obsession' and 'Craving,' we still play live. I am totally happy with the way things turned out and that we are still alive and kicking. I think our music scene is the only real alternative to what is on offer these days."

To mark the 30th anniversary of the consequential album for the band and many a listener, Pylon Records issued an expanded remastered double vinyl release, as well as a two-CD remaster, both of which add bonus tracks, rare 12" mixes and B-sides.

Moorings, who hopes to see more Xymox album re-releases in the coming years, spoke to about the app he uses to manage his group's social media page, what he does in the mornings when he's not looking at apps and about his Android obsession.

What's the one app that you use the most?

Facebook Pages Manager (download for iOS and Android). I use this for maintaining our official Clan of Xymox Facebook page.

What's the last app you downloaded?

Viola Tuner (download for iOS and Android), an app which plays the violin notes CGDA. I downloaded it to help my daughter tune her violin. It's very easy to use.

When you wake up in the morning, what are the first apps you look at?

None. I never look at my phone when I wake up. I make a coffee and relax with a magazine or newspaper. Very old school, so to speak.

If you could invent your own app, what would it do?

It would solve all world problems with just one click.

If there was an app that could save civilization, what would it be?

Definitely an app which helps us to be smarter, instead of zombie consumers of products.

Are you an Android or Apple user? Why?

Both. I am a Mac user of computers, laptops and tablets. All my studio gear runs on Macs. On stage, we use Mac laptops. My Android phone has always been a Sony, and I like it better than my additional iPhone. I now have the Sony Xperia Z3, and it is simply beautiful.

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