There is no shortage of Internet radio services. From freeware like Pandora and Rdio to premium services like Spotify and Google Music, you can listen to all the songs you want, when you want them. Streamus allows you to search for songs by tapping into the world's largest music database, YouTube.

Streamus lets you stream music from YouTube

Just download and install the extension and start listening to your favorite tune. You can search directly from the Omnibox (the address/search bar) by typing in "Streamus" and hitting Tab, or you can search within the extension and create your own playlist.

Searching Streamus

You can get all of Streamus's basic controls -- like shuffling, repeat one/all, save, or clear playlist -- from within the Chrome app. There's even a Radio mode that will automatically pick a song or video based on your selections. The setup is quick and dirty, but that's the way it should be.

There is no predicting how Google will react to this Chrome extension, since only the audio is being pulled, and the app bypasses YouTube Ads. As the extension is currently in beta, Streamus is not entirely flawless, but it's free and it works. You can check out the dev's blog on Reddit for updates and news. Grab Streamus here.

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