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While Chipotle Mexican Grill has spread the gospel of rice-packed Mission burritos from the streets of San Francisco to the entire country and beyond, it's never been particularly aggressive about getting its food directly to your door. For the most part, you come to it.

That changes today, as Chipotle is taking its pre-existing partnership with DoorDash and using that to power its own official delivery service, via the Chipotle app for Android and iOS, or directly on its website.

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To mark the transition, the company is offering free deliveries via the app and website for the next two weeks. Orders must total at least $10 before tax and gratuities, the promo expires on September 12, and not all of Chipotle's 2,400+ locations are participating.

In a statement, the company said, "Chipotle customers love the ability for deep customization online, and now they can get the same level of personalization for delivery."

Separately, the actual DoorDash app is running its own promotion right now where new customers are not charged delivery fees for the first 30 days of membership. So if you qualify as a new user, you can order Chipotle within the DoorDash app instead.

Or if you need to stretch your dollar, order through the Chipotle app for the next couple weeks, then sign up for DoorDash (unless you're a pre-existing DoorDash customer). Just download the DoorDash app for Android or iOS, create an account, and start ordering.

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Also note that prices in the DoorDash app may vary from those that you'll find on Chipotle's website. We prepared two identical burrito orders, and DoorDash wanted $13.98 after everything was totaled up, while Chipotle wanted $14.28.

The difference appears to come from a slightly higher base price on Chipotle's website. For a single burrito or taco, this is probably not a big deal for most people. But if you're ordering for a group, that could add up.

The takeaways

  • Chipotle is now offering deliveries from within its app and on its website, instead of relying directly on the DoorDash app. However, DoorDash will still be the one making Chipotle deliveries, regardless of which app you choose.
  • To celebrate the occasion, Chipotle is offering free deliveries for the next two weeks, for orders totaling at least $10 before tax and gratuities.

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