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Many people make a New Year's resolution to eat healthier and get in shape. On January 1, most gyms are packed. By February, for one reason or another, most people have given up.

Most often, life gets in the way, and we go to the gym less and less. Eventually, we can't justify paying that monthly membership fee when we're only going every few weeks. Perhaps if we had a way to only pay for the gym when we actually go, we'd be more likely to stick with our New Year's resolutions.

The FlexIt app (download for iOS or Android) can help you do just that. The app has launched in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Phoenix.

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"FlexIt gives consumers the freedom to choose where and when they work out, providing them with a personalized fitness experience in which there is no upfront cost and the users only pay for the time they spend in the facility," FlexIt said in a press release.

The principal is the same as checking into a 24-hour gym. When you enter a FlexIt partner facility, you'll simply use the app on your smartphone to scan the QR code at the gym. Scanning the code will start a log of your time at the gym. When you're finished with your workout, just scan the code again.

Whether you logged a few minutes or a few hours, you'll only pay for the time you spent at the gym. The app also makes it easier to find a gym when you're traveling.

In addition, FlexIt makes sure you're not overcharged, even if you forget to check out at the end of your workout. With geofencing technology, the app checks you out automatically when you leave the gym. The app's offline resiliency will keep your timer running even if your smartphone dies. Simply tell a staff member when you leave, and they'll manually check you out.

"From the beginning, we were committed to offering a flexible approach to fitness that is in line with current consumption trends, provides users with personalized experiences that are tailored to their fitness needs, and empowers them to control their spending and make smart, informed decisions about where they work out," Austin Cohen, founder of FlexIt said in a press release. "We could not be more excited to change the way that users access their fitness."

FlexIt is partnered with the AccuWeather app (download for iOS or Android), as well, to inform users about outdoor features to take advantage of during good weather. AccuWeather can also help you locate FlexIt partner gyms on the go.

The company is adding more fitness clubs and gyms to its app, but for now you can use FlexIt at larger facilities like Retro Fitness, Youfit Health Clubs, Charter Fitness and others. These facilities have multiple locations in each state. If you want to see the app come to your gym, you can make a request through the website.

(Credit: FlexIt)

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  1. The FlexIt fitness app lets users check in and out of gyms so they're only paying for the time they work out.
  2. To use the app, gym-goers need only scan a QR code before starting their work out and scan it before they leave.

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