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The latest update to Carrot's Apple Watch weather app gives you even more power and control. No, sorry, it won't help you control the actual weather. (Maybe in another 100 years.) But it can clue you in on all the details any weather junkie needs to get through the day.

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Available in the App Store, the 4.10 update to Carrot brings a host of new options to the Apple Watch edition. You can add a city to your weather watchlist just by speaking its name. You can view weather data on an hourly or daily basis just by tapping the hour or day at the app's main screen. And you can add custom data points -- the actual temperature, the "feels like" temperature, the high and low temps for the day, the visibility, the humidity -- to the app's hourly details screen.

Yes, the Apple Watch comes with its own built-in weather app. This app is fine for showing you the current weather and temperature and a few other details. But weather junkies need more. You want to know more than just the current and future weather reports. You want to know the humidity, the wind direction, the precipitation, the dew point, the phase of the moon. And above all, who can resist a few insults along with their weather forecast, which Carrot delivers like a virtual stand-up comic.

"I hope your new year is off to a terrible start, meatbags, because otherwise you might not be as grateful to me for this major update as you should be," reads the description of the update.

The new update carries other enhancements. But to enjoy them, you'll have to shell out a few bucks for a premium subscription. Carrot, which costs $4.99 to download, offers a Premium Club membership for $3.99 a year and an Ultra Premium Club membership for $9.99 a year.

With the Premium Club membership and the latest version, you can add multiple custom complications to the screen. Want to see data for Wind and air quality, precipitation chance and rainfall amount, or UV index and cloud cover? "Go nuts" as the app says. You can customize the Infograph Modular face on your watch to show a 10-hour or 5-hour weather chart or a text summary of the forecast.

With the Ultra Premium Club membership, you can tap a certain complication such as UV index to directly open Carrot and then see how that index will change throughout the day. You can tap the new weather maps complication to go directly to the maps screen. And if you're planning a trip to Australia, Carrot now serves up a more accurate weather forecast courtesy of the Australian government's Bureau of Meteorology.

To set up and tweak many of the new options, open the Carrot app on your iPhone. Tap the circle icon in the upper right and select Settings. At the Settings screen, tap the option for Apple Watch. You can now customize different watch faces to display each piece of weather data served up by Carrot.

And what words of wisdom do the developers behind Carrot offer regarding the new update?

"Yeah, you meatbags better be grateful. xoxo, CARROT"

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  1. The latest update to the Carrot Apple Watch weather app offers more options and controls but with the same amount of snark and sarcasm.
  2. Several of the new options are accessible with the basic $4.99 app, but others require a Premium Club or Ultra Premium Club subscription.

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